6 Best Ball Python Breeders in the USA! (2022)

Ball pythons make wonderful, fascinating pets for snake lovers of all experience levels.

However, deciding you want one is only the beginning.

The next step is choosing where to get one.

There are hundreds of people who breed and have ball pythons for sale. These vendors range from professional breeders to casual hobbyists and pet stores. With so many options you may not know where to buy or how to find a responsible breeder.

Read on to find our reviews of the 6 best ball python breeders and how to pick a good one…

Best Ball Python Breeders

Breeder Morphs Pros Price
BHB Reptiles Over 20 morphs including albino, banana, cinnamon, super pastel and yellowbelly Best Affordable Breeder $100-$4,000
JD Constriction Axanthic morphs (black, white and silver) Specialty Breeder On request
New England Reptile Distributors Large variety of morphs including HETs, jungle, enchi, yellowbellies & more Best Large Breeder $150-$12,000
Royal Constrictor Designs Pieds, enchis, axanthics, leucistics, champagnes and clowns High quality snakes $300-$2,500
Wilbanks Captive Bred Reptiles Specialty and designer morphs Rare speciality morphs $125-$2,000
XYZ Reptiles Wild-type, champagne, banana, leucistic, enchi, pastel, pied and albino Best selection $79-$700

1. XYZ Reptiles

XYZ Reptiles is a Florida-based company with over 30 years of reptile breeding experience. Along with ball pythons, they breed and sell leopard geckos, corn snakes, chameleons, boas, turtles and monitor lizards.

All of their ball pythons are delivered via expedited overnight shipping and come with a 100% live-arrival shipping guarantee.

To protect the health of their reptiles, this company only ships within the continental United States. This may seem inconvenient, but it shows that they care about the safety and well-being of their pets. International shipping can be risky and unpredictable, especially when shipping live animals.

XYZ Reptiles sells the standard wild-type morph and over a dozen specialty morphs that range in price from $79 to $700. We found the buying process to be easy and straightforward, and they even offer a payment plan for more expensive morphs.

As well as choosing a morph, buyers can also choose whether they want a hatchling, adult, male or female.

In addition they sell a wide variety of care supplies, including bedding, UVB lights, habitats and hides.

We love that XYZ Reptiles provides beginners with ball python care sheets and helpful tips for feeding and housing. Here are some more things we love:

  • Fast, overnight shipping with a 100% live-arrival guarantee.
  • Wide selection of different morphs, ages and genders.
  • Snakes are shipped with birth information like date, bloodline and morph.
  • Professional and responsive customer service.
  • Sells equipment like lights, bedding and hides.
  • Provides care sheets for beginners that covers care and husbandry.

Contact XYZ Reptiles

  • Breeder: XYZ Reptiles
  • Address: 17021 South Dixie Hwy. Ste A Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
  • Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 11 AM – 8 PM EST
  • Phone: (305) 305-5998
  • Email: info@xyzreptiles.com

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2. New England Reptile Distributors

New England Reptile Distributors (or NERD) is a New Hampshire-based breeder that primarily sells ball pythons and reticulated pythons. However, they also occasionally sell water monitors, boa constrictors, geckos and pet frogs.

They have grown from a small hobby breeder into a large business over the span of two decades, upgrading to a 14,000 square foot breeding facility that houses hundreds of ball pythons.

If you live near New Hampshire you can even book an in-person tour of NERD’s facilities and handle their ball pythons prior to buying. This is a fantastic opportunity that not many others offer.

NERD’s wide selection means that you are sure to find a snake that fits your wants, needs and budget. To help with costs they offer 60-day payment plans for morphs over $500.

Snakes are shipped via priority overnight shipping to the nearest FedEx hub and come with a 24-hour live arrival guarantee. Packages are equipped with insulation and heat or cool packs depending on weather and time of year.

We found buying a ball python from NERD to be a smooth, stress-free process.

They stayed in contact throughout the buying and shipping process and were every step of the way. It is very clear that they are knowledgeable about care and husbandry.

  • Offers in-person tours of their breeding facility.
  • Wide selection of morphs, ages and genders.
  • Friendly customer service team that respond to questions quickly.
  • Retail store in New Hampshire that allows you to handle ball pythons prior to buying.
  • Over 25 years of experience and very knowledgeable about husbandry.
  • 60-day payment plans for purchases over $500.

Contact New England Reptile Distributors

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3. BHB Reptiles

BHB Reptiles has been breeding and selling ball pythons since 1989. Though the company started out as a small project, they have expanded into selling leopard geckos, rat snakes, kingsnakes, woma pythons, skinks, leachie geckos and boa constrictors.

This company is most known for the quality and variety of their ball pythons.

BHB’s website lists over 25 morphs with pictures of each individual for sale and an option to request more pictures if you are interested.

The prices of BHB’s ball pythons range from $100 for common morphs to $4,000 for one-of-a-kind, rarer varieties. However, their prices are generally cheaper than other python breeders and they have a wide selection to choose from.

BHB Reptiles offer a live arrival guarantee on all of their reptiles, as well as a health guarantee valid for 48 hours after arrival. They will ship to your home address if temperatures stay above 35°F, or to the nearest FedEx Shipping hub if temperatures are between 25-35°F.

We like BHB Reptiles for their variety of ball pythons, pricing and sensible shipping options:

  • Large selection of beautiful ball python morphs for reasonable prices.
  • In-depth care sheets are given to beginners to help them care for their first snake.
  • Overnight shipping straight to your door (weather permitting).
  • Live arrival and health guarantees valid for 48 hours after delivery.
  • One-on-one meetings available to answer any questions you may have prior to buying.

Contact BHB Reptiles

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4. Wilbanks Captive Bred Reptiles

Wilbanks Captive Bred Reptiles is an excellent breeder that sells some of the rarest and most spectacular ball python morphs. This breeder specializes in complex morphs that are truly one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else.

This company has over 40 years of experience breeding ball pythons and currently operates out of a 12,000 square foot facility in Oklahoma City.

Wilbanks has excellent customer service and can be reached by call, email or text. We found they respond to questions in a timely manner and are very friendly and knowledgeable about their ball pythons.

Like XYZ Reptiles, Wilbanks guarantees live arrival of healthy, correctly sexed hatchlings with overnight shipping.

Unlike most breeders on our list, Wilbanks does ship internationally. However, a minimum $500 order with $200 shipping is required for Canadian exports. These prices seem high, but they cover the cost of all inspections, permits, certificates and shipping.

We highly recommend Wilbanks for its exchange policy which guarantees that they will exchange a snake if it has temperament or feeding problems. Their health, temperament, feeding, and live arrival guarantees help to give buyers peace of mind.

Though not common in ball pythons, behavioral problems are often a symptom of improper care and can be frustrating for new owners to resolve without expert help.

  • Wide selection of rare and designer ball python morphs.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service team.
  • Health, temperament, feeding, and live arrival guarantees.
  • Ships internationally as well as within the U.S.
  • Customers can reserve a snake by placing a down payment.
  • All reptiles are captive bred.

Contact Wilbanks Captive Bred Reptiles

  • Breeder: Wilbanks Captive Bred Reptiles
  • Address: 3525 S. Purdue St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73179
  • Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM CDT; Saturday, 10 – 4 PM CDT
  • Phone: (405) 604-3525

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5. JD Constriction

JD Constriction is a small breeder that only produces axanthic morph ball pythons. Their selection is limited to black, white, and silver pythons. They are one of the first companies to take the basic axanthic gene and develop morphs like “darkness,” “dirty firefly,” and the famous “stormtrooper”.

This company is one of the best and most experienced breeders of axanthic morphs.

They have been selling axanthic ball pythons for over 15 years and are run by a single owner with a passion for these morphs.

JD Constriction assigns each hatchling a unique ID number that confirms their birth year, clutch number and genetic background. This extra step shows that they have confidence in the quality of their snakes.

They also provide a live arrival, health and gender guarantee.

Each ball python they sell is guaranteed to arrive healthy, alive and correctly sexed. Though it may seem inconvenient, we actually like that JD Constriction only ships to a receiving FedEx shipping hub and not a residential address. This protects the safety of their snakes during shipping.

We love the small-business feel of this breeder and have found them to be extremely responsive to questions.

  • Assigns a unique ID number to each snake so future buyers can access birth information.
  • Considers quality over quantity when breeding their ball pythons.
  • Very responsive, flexible and understanding with excellent customer service.
  • Sells hatchlings after 4-6 weeks to ensure they are eating regularly.
  • Each shipment comes with a New Arrival Checklist.

Contact JD Constriction

  • Breeder: JD Constriction
  • Address: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
  • Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 5 PM – 9 PM CDT; Saturday – Sunday, 9 AM – 5 PM CDT
  • Phone: (319) 423-9987
  • Email: john@jdconstriction.com

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6. Royal Constrictor Designs

Royal Constrictor Designs is one of the smallest companies on our list, but it is still one of the best in the country.

The owner started breeding reptiles in 1993 and began breeding ball pythons full-time in 2000.

Royal Constrictor Designs is most known for playing a large part in the development of the pied ball python morph, which they still sell today! Along with the piebald morph, they also sell bananas, albinos, blue-eyed leucistics, chocolates, ghosts, and enchi ball pythons.

Their smaller size means that they are able to devote more resources toward caring for their snakes.

All of their ball pythons come with a 7-day health guarantee and are shipped overnight with a flat shipping fee of $60. For purchases over $1000, you can put down a 25% deposit to hold an animal while you make payments on a payment plan.

Royal Constrictor Designs offer a virtual tour that gives you an inside look at their facility and care routine. They also have extensive videos and information available on genetics, breeding and husbandry.

If you are an experienced owner looking to add a new morph to your collection then we highly recommend Royal Constrictor Designs.

  • 7-day health guarantee on all snakes.
  • Small, personable business with friendly and responsive owner.
  • Virtual tour video showcasing their breeding facility and detailing their care routine.
  • Sell a wide range of high-quality, healthy ball pythons with rare morphs.
  • Can arrange to ship to your door, to the nearest FedEx hub or local pickup.

Contact Royal Constrictor Designs

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What Makes A Good Breeder?

Ball Python Breeders

Not all ball python breeders are created equal.

Some breeders are more credible and take better care of their snakes than others. It is important to only support sellers who use responsible breeding practices, as they produce healthier, longer-living snakes.

Good breeders offer healthier ball pythons, both physically and genetically.

Irresponsible breeding can result in snakes who die early and have neurological disorders or organ deformities.

Responsible breeders are easier to do business with and offer health, temperament, feeding and live arrival guarantees. They also do not contribute to the collection of wild species.

Luckily there are certain signs that indicate the quality of a breeder and their breeding practices.

When choosing a breeder, here are some things to look for:


Ball pythons have been bred in captivity since the 1980s, though their popularity as pets didn’t take off until the late 1990s. Many breeders have come and gone over the years as demand for these snakes has fluctuated. The best breeders are those who have stayed in business for over a decade.

Since ball pythons have been bred in captivity for close to 30 years, a breeder with 10 or more years of experience knows what they are doing.

Breeders who are still selling their snakes after so long are more likely to have better care, business management, customer service and warranties.

Transparent Breeding Practices

You want to choose a breeder who is up-front and open about how they breed and house their ball pythons, no matter if they are a single person or a large company.

Reputable breeders should also be transparent about how they provide vet care, keep track of genetics and raise their hatchlings.


Any reliable breeder will have a strong background and knowledge of behavior, husbandry and genetics.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to test them!

How long have they been keeping ball pythons?

Do they have a degree or education related to zoology or herpetology?

Do they sound confident when discussing care and husbandry?

A good breeder should be more than happy to answer any inquiries about setting up an enclosure, feeding schedules, or care and behavior in general. We recommend doing research yourself and cross-checking what each breeder says.

The best breeders should be able to tell you the exact parentage and morph of each snake, whether they are heterozygous for any trait, and whether they have any neurological issues.


Shipping live reptiles is always risky.

The best breeders will have live-arrival guarantees and will always use express or overnight shipping.

Choose a breeder who guarantees the health of their ball python as this shows that they are confident in their care, genetics and shipping practices.

Expect the best breeders to refuse to ship if temperatures are too hot or too cold. Exposure to extreme temperatures outside 75°F and 92°F can be deadly.

Any disclaimers and guarantees should seem reasonable and not leave any questions.


You can find reviews on specialty forums and websites, as well as on Facebook groups. These communities are an indispensable source of firsthand reviews and testimonials.

Read a wide range of reviews from different sources to get a feel for each breeder.

Customer support is also one of the most overlooked criteria.

Ball pythons are an excellent beginner snake, so many owners will have no previous experience. Breeders should not only take good care of their snakes, but also their customers. They should be patient and helpful to new owners who may not have knowledge of keeping this species.

Beginners should make sure to choose a breeder who has multiple methods of contact, is approachable and easy to reach.

Ball Python Buying Guide

Ball Python

Ball pythons are one of the most common pet snakes.

However, not all ball pythons for sale are worth buying, just as not all breeders are reputable.

The top three indicators of a healthy hatchling are clear eyes, mouth, and nose, healthy weight and normal behavior.

To make sure you get the healthiest and best possible snake here are some tips on what to look for and what questions to ask.

Clear Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

Bubbles, crust, or discharge around the eyes, nose, or mouth are indicative of a respiratory or bacterial infection like pneumonia, mouth rot or scale rot.

Sick snakes may also wheeze or breathe with an open mouth.

Ball pythons in particular are prone to upper respiratory infections because of their sensitivity to humidity levels.

We highly recommend checking over any snake in person for these health problems, prior to buying.

In person meetings will give you a good picture of their health, as well as the quality of care they’ve received from the breeder. Looking at a snake in person can also help you catch any details or behaviors that could be missed in videos.

Healthy Weight

Ball pythons are strong snakes with heavy, muscular bodies.

Underfed and malnourished hatchlings have weakened immune systems and are more likely to develop other health problems.

Similarly overfed individuals can suffer from health complications due to obesity.

Ask the breeder for the snake’s weight and compare it to an age vs. growth chart. This will help you determine if the hatchling is within the acceptable weight range. Responsible, knowledgeable breeders will never sell underweight or overweight snakes.

Normal Behavior

All ball pythons have different personalities.

Some are shy, some are outgoing, some enjoy interacting with people and some prefer to be left alone.

However, it is important that a pet snake shows normal behaviors, regardless of their temperament.

Out of its enclosure, a ball python should flick its tongue toward unfamiliar objects and appear to be aware of its surroundings. Some snakes might curl into a protective ball in a new environment, but this behavior is also normal.

Avoid snakes that are listless, unresponsive, or that show abnormal behaviors like corkscrewing (where the snake’s head moves in a twirling motion) or stargazing (staring straight upward).


To get more information about a particular ball python, ask questions like:

  • When and what did the snake eat last?
  • Do they eat frozen-thawed prey or live mice?
  • Do they have a strong feeding response?

The response to these questions can provide a good overview of a snake’s health.

You should also make sure that your ball python has eaten a pinkie, fuzzy, or hopper mouse (depending on their size) within the last week.

Reputable ball python breeders take excellent care of their snakes and are knowledgeable about genetics, breeding, husbandry and feeding.

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