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At More Reptiles, our mission is to share trustworthy and helpful advice for keeping pet reptiles.


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MoreReptiles.com launched in July 2021 to help pet reptile parents find practical husbandry and care advice that is simple and useful. We love all reptiles and are here to make sure you get the best science-backed advice for keeping reptiles.

We share practical tips based on science and use our first-hand experience to give trusted and unique advice. Our articles cover topics like husbandry, nutrition and tank setups through our in-depth reptile care sheets and species guides.

Our international team of experts includes zoologists, reptile lovers, biologists, vet technicians and exotic reptile veterinarians. Our expert team is committed to the welfare of all pet reptiles and shares a love of reptile husbandry to make the world a better place for them.

We are quickly becoming the go-to community for all reptile keepers, enthusiasts, and experts who want to raise healthy pet lizards, snakes and turtles.


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Our goal is to provide every pet reptile keeper or enthusiast with trustworthy, helpful and practical advice. In order to do this, our team works hard to make sure each of our care guides are helpful for all experience levels, practical and, most importantly, accurate. To maintain our editorial standards, all of our care guides are fact-checked, science-based and reviewed by our editorial standards team and veterinary review board.

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Veterinary Review Board

More Reptiles works directly with veterinarians to make sure the information you get is trustworthy, accurate and up-to-date. Our team of vet professionals have been recruited for their experience and knowledge of treating and caring for exotic pets. Our veterinary review board is fundamental in helping us share trustworthy and helpful advice. Meet some of our reptile veterinarians below.

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Dr. Jerry Ayaebi DVM

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Dr. Jerry Ayaebi (DVM) is a registered Veterinary Surgeon who specializes in pet medicine for reptiles and small animals. He has consultations with four established clinics treating reptiles and exotic pets. His hobbies include creating digital content, articles, graphics design and video editing. Learn more about Dr. Ayaebi →

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Dr. Rocio Villalobos DVM

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Dr. Rocio Villalobos (DVM) is a registered Veterinary Surgeon who specializes in small and exotic animals. Her expertise includes management of pain in exotic pet reptiles and amphibian nutrition. She has run a private vet practice since 2013 and her consultation includes Snakes, Iguanas and Turtles. Learn more about Dr. Villalobos →

Editorial Team

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Nigel Robert (Zoologist)

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Nigel is a zoologist with over 10 years of experience keeping and writing about pet reptiles. He loves to share his knowledge of reptile husbandry to help all pet lizards, snakes and tortoises live their best life. His work has been featured by Yahoo and the Humane Society of the United States and he is a member of the Zoological Association of America.

Carley-Martin MacFarlane profile picture

Carley-Martin MacFarlane (Ball Python Expert)

Carley-Martin is a veterinary technician with a passion for reptile education and pet husbandry. She received her B.S. in Zoology with a concentration on herpetology and entomology from NC State University. She adopted her first snake, a young Ball Python named Ivy, in 2011 and now has over 11 years’ experience of keeping, rescuing and breeding Ball Pythons.

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Nikki Gleave (Bearded Dragon Breeder)

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Nikki’s passion for reptiles began during her schooling years in Queensland, Australia. During her lunch hour, Nikki would practice handling wild frilled-necked lizards in the school playground. This passion for reptiles and in particular Bearded Dragons, has steadily flourished over time. Nikki became a licenced reptile keeper in 2011 and her labour of love is breeding high quality Central Bearded Dragons at Joshie’s Dragons.

Annika Preheim profile picture

Annika Preheim (Leopard Gecko Expert)

Annika received a B.S. in Zoology with minors in mathematics and applied ecology from NC State University in 2021. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in her other passion, Fisheries Biology. She loves reptiles (especially lizards), and has been keeping and raising leopard geckos since 2009, including albino, hypo, and wild-type morphs. In her spare time, she is active on leopard gecko forums, the reptile side of iNaturalist, and is frequently found outdoors fishing or searching for native lizards.

Amanda Wiggins profile picture

Amanda Wiggins (Bearded Dragon Expert)

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Amanda discovered her love of reptiles as a young child and has owned numerous frogs, turtles, snakes and a variety of lizards over the years. She began rescuing reptiles almost a decade ago, and has become very passionate about rehabilitating Bearded Dragons in particular. She is dedicated to promoting proper care and husbandry, and enjoys helping others learn about Bearded Dragons. Amanda’s current reptile family consists of 5 rescue Bearded Dragons (Bjorn, Ivar, Klaus, Spaghetti and Nessie-who is disabled) and an Argentine Tegu (Floki)!

Aliza Arzt profile picture

Aliza Arzt (Reptile Hobbyist)

Aliza rediscovered her childhood love of reptiles 20 years ago and since then has kept and bred a variety of gecko species including leopard geckos, crested geckos, garogoyle geckos and Southwest Banded geckos (coleonyx). Matching her love of these engaging creatures is her desire to share her knowledge and ensure that keeping reptiles is accessible and productive for everyone. She shares her home with her husband, cats fish, 39 geckos and 1 bearded dragon.

Carmen Ha profile picture

Carmen Ha (Bearded Dragon Keeper)

Carmen is a passionate reptile enthusiast who has completed her B.S. in Anatomy and Human Biology. She is now studying to become a veterinarian with a focus on exotics and currently volunteers at an animal wildlife and rescue site. In her spare time she loves to research these beautiful scaly creatures, particularly bearded dragons, and bombards all her friends, co-workers and families with daily photos of her Pogona minor minor, Ted, her most precious treasure.

What Our Readers Say

We love reading about how we have helped pet reptiles live their best life. Here are just a few of the comments that our readers have shared with us.

I thank you for sharing and teaching about chameleons. I recently rescued a female panther chameleon. My knowledge and experience has been directed toward veiled species, and I have cared for only males. So this rescue has put me in need of learning about panthers and females immediately. Unfortunately, info available is so varied I do not know what info to rely on. Here, I know the info is correct and can be relied on. Keep up the good work of educating people on how to care for these wonderful amazing creatures. – Laurie S

I’ve been learning about White’s Australian Frogs for a year. I’m finally getting the terrarium ready for at least two Dumpys. Can’t wait, love this froggies and everything about them. Love the information on this site, thank you – Mildred R

Thank you so much. This is the very best information I have come across. So far I have been very confused and could not figure out what the small snakes on our cement walk are. Now I have much better information to go by. – Sue T