Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula

Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula: Care, Habitat & Cost

Tarantulas are some of the best beginner spiders. Many are known for their gentle behaviors and docile personalities. One of the best beginner species is the Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula. Mexican Red-Knee Tarantulas are extremely tolerant, …

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Pet Spiders Feature

Top 10 Best Pet Spiders For Beginners

When most people hear the word ‘spider,’ they don’t think of a friendly pet. However, many spiders make excellent beginner pets. They are often cheaper, easier to care for, and just as interesting as any …

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Pet Tarantulas

Top 10 Best Beginner Tarantulas For Pets

Tarantulas are a large group of over 500 different species of spiders. This diverse group of spiders can range from the size of a dinner plate to only the size of your fingernail. Deciding which …

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Regal Jumping Spider

Regal Jumping Spider Pet Care Guide

Regal Jumping Spiders are one of over 6,000 different species of jumping spider. This species is special due to their friendly personality and popularity as a pet. They are known as friendly, easygoing spiders that …

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