Blue Snakes

15 Types of Blue Snakes With Pictures

When you think of snakes, you probably don’t think of an entirely teal pit viper! You may be surprised to learn that blue snakes are real. These snakes are some of the rarest and most …

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Ball python morphs

75+ Ball Python Morphs: Color, Pattern & Genetics

Ball pythons are fantastic snakes for any beginner reptile enthusiast to keep. They are slow-moving, friendly and come in many different colors and patterns. Ball python morphs are uniquely colored and patterned types of ball …

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Sunbeam Snake

Sunbeam Snake: 9 Facts You Need To Know

Sunbeam snakes are a fascinating family of snakes famous for their iridescent scales. These snakes are related to pythons but are unique enough to be a separate family. They are a much older than pythons …

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Snake Facts

50+ Amazing Facts About Snakes

What could be more interesting than a reptile without legs? Snakes are some of the most unique animals in the animal kingdom. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They also …

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