Axolotl Facts

33 Weird & Mind-Blowing Axolotl Facts

The Axolotl is known as the Mexican Walking Fish, but did you know that it is not a fish?! Axolotls are actually a type of aquatic salamander. What makes these animals so interesting is that …

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Pacman frog morphs

Top 10 Types of Pacman Frog Morphs & Colors

Pacman frogs are round, colorful and will eat just about anything. These frogs have some of the most beautiful colors and markings out of any pet amphibian. Wild species come in shades of red, orange, …

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How To Raise Tadpoles

How To Raise Tadpoles In 7 Easy Steps

Raising tadpoles is a fun hobby for people of all ages! It is an especially great activity for parents and children as it is cheap, easy and simple. It also is a great way to …

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Pet Frogs

Top 20 Best Pet Frogs For Beginners

Frogs can be a great, low maintenance pet for owners with limited time. They are an amazing choice for someone who enjoys caring for and watching an interesting pet. Some beginners think that frogs can …

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Amphibian vs. Reptile Differences

Amphibian vs. Reptile: All 7 Differences Explained

There are almost 19,000 different species of amphibians and reptiles. From snakes to lizards and frogs to salamanders these animals are famous all around the world. However, there are many differences between amphibians and reptiles. …

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