Top 10 Types of Pacman Frog Morphs & Colors

Pacman frogs are round, colorful and will eat just about anything.

These frogs have some of the most beautiful colors and markings out of any pet amphibian.

Wild species come in shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown. These colorations help them to camouflage with the fallen leaves on forest floors.

Their ease of breeding and large clutch sizes has led to many new types of Pacman frog colors. These Pacman morphs are unique colors and patterns completely different from wild individuals.

With so many colors to choose from we have made a list of our top 10 Pacman frog morphs.

What Are Pacman Frog Morphs?

Pacman frog morphs

Pacman frogs (Ceratophrys) are a species of terrestrial burrowing frog from South America.

They are also called South American horned frogs because of the hornlike crests above their eyes. These horns when combined with their intricate patterns of red, orange, yellow, green, white, and brown help them to mimic the color and texture of leaves.

Their colors, patterns and horns help them to go unnoticed on the forest floor and make them look like a fallen leaf. This helps them catch unsuspecting prey as well as hide from potential predators.

All wild Pacman frog types have a base color of green to brown on their backs. They will also have white on their bellies interspersed with small black dots and lines.

There are eight different species of Pacman frogs in total. However all eight species present a very similar appearance and color, with slight differences in markings and the shape of their horn crests. The three main differences between species are their size, color and horn crest shape.

The most popular species is Cranwell’s horned frog (Ceratophrys Cranwelli).

This species has the most common Pacman frog morphs as breeders try to modify their colors, markings and horns to produce even more striking features! These features are often heavily modified through selective breeding to produce unique combinations of colors, markings and patterns.

Breeders can pair frogs with unique traits in order to exaggerate these features in subsequent generations. This selective breeding process has led to a wide variety of morphs that do not look like standard wild-type individuals.

Below we share the different Pacman frog morphs and how their colors, patterns and horns have been altered.

A-Z Pacman Frog Color List

Pacman frog colors

Morph Color Pattern Price
Albino Pacman Yellowish orange base with pink spots or markings Small pink circular or oblong splotches $25 to $125
Blue Pacman Aqua blue to algae green base with green and brown markings Oblong splotches $40 to $70
Brown Pacman Light brown base with brown markings Chocolate colored splotches $30 to $50
Green Pacman Brown to green base with red, orange, yellow, and brown markings Oblong splotches $20 to $30
Horned Pacman Brown or green base with red, orange, yellow, and brown markings Long abstract linear markings parallel to their spine $65 to $100
Ornate Pacman Brown or green with red, yellow, and brown markings Small circular or oblong splotches $20 to $45
Purple Pacman Grey or purple base with brown markings Milky brown splotches $400
Strawberry Pacman Pink to orange with red, pink, and white marking White or pink rings filled in with bright red $35 to $50
Translucent Pacman Translucent pink Species dependent $400
Yellow Pacman Bright yellow base with red markings Red oblong splotches $70 to $100

Top 10 Pacman Frog Morphs

1. Green Pacman Frog

Green Pacman Frog

The name green Pacman refers to the wild-type Cranwell’s horned frog (Ceratophrys Cranwelli).

These frogs are not a morph and are naturally found in countries of South America like Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. Their name Cranwell comes from Dr. Jorge Cranwell who first discovered this species.

All wild Pacman frogs have a base color along their back somewhere between green and brown. They will also have white bellies that are interspersed with small black dots and lines.

Green Pacmans have all the loveable characteristics of any other morph, including the characteristic round body, bright green colors and horns above their eyes.

The horns on green Pacman frogs are medium in size. Their markings are typically medium sized oblong shapes made up of various shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red. Male adults will reach sizes of around two inches, whereas females will typically reach almost five inches.

Green Pacman frogs are typically the most widely available pacman frog color. Given their wide availability and low price of between $20 to $30 they are also the most popular color! Even though they are not as flashy as some of the other Pacman frog morphs on this list, they are just as adorable and worthy of your time.

2. Ornate Pacman Frog

Ornate Pacman Frog

The Ornate species is also known as the Argentine horned frog. They are another common type of Pacman frog that is found in the wild and is not a morph. However, like Cranwell’s horned frog this species has also been selectively bred into a variety of colors, some of which are featured later in our list.

In the wild these frogs can be found in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

As pets they are very common in pet shops and are sold for between $20 and $45. Wild-type individuals are equally if not more common than morphs of this species in the pet trade.

The appearance of ornate Pacman frogs is very similar to Cranwell’s horned frogs. Both species have a base color somewhere between green and brown. However the Ornate will sometimes have a patch of color in the center of their back. This patch is normally the opposite of their green to brown base color.

These frogs also have much bigger bodies, but smaller and duller horns compared to Cranwell’s. Males will typically max out around three inches and females may get as large as five inches.

Ornate horned frogs normally have a pattern made of small dots that can be either circular or small oval patches of brown, red, orange, or yellow.

Wild type Ornate species are just as common as Green Pacman Frogs. The only reason to choose this particular species over the Green Pacman is their different colors and patterns. Neither species are a selectively bred pacman frog morph and both occur naturally. All aspects of their care and behavior are identical.

3. Horned Pacman Frog

Surinam horned Pacman

Surinam horned Pacman frogs are the last of the naturally occuring Pacman frog colors on our list.

Wild Surinam frogs can be found in Columbia, Ecuador, The Guianas, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

This is a completely different type of Pacman frog. While they share many characteristics, such as their huge mouths and voracious appetite, these frogs are very different from Cranwell’s and Ornate horned species.

Firstly Surinam Pacman frogs have the largest and sharpest horns of all the pacman frog morphs. They are also the biggest of the species listed here with some individuals reaching 20cm.

Finally they have very different patterns and markings. Instead of dots or splotches horned frogs have a series of long irregularly shaped markings that run parallel to their spine. The base color and marking color of these frogs is the same as the other two species.

Their striking horns really set them apart from other Pacman frog species.

The unique physical appearance of horned Pacman frogs means there is an increased demand for this species in the pet trade. This means they cost more money and are priced at $65 to $100. Because of their giant size some breeders also sell them as giant Pacman frogs.

These frogs are well worth the money if you want their large horns, unique patterns and huge size.

4. Albino Pacman Frog

Albino Cranwell

Albinism is not a trait specific to any one of the eight Pacman frog subspecies. Any of these species can be born showing albino traits of red eyes and a lack of pigmentation.

It is quite common to see albino Pacman morphs that are either Cranwell’s or Ornate species.

Albino Pacman frogs have a lack of pigmentation because of insufficient melanin production in their skin. This lack of melanin typically results in a yellowish orange base color with pink spots or markings. The size and shape of these spots will be the same as the non-albino version of each species.

For example an Albino Cranwell’s pacman will have an orange base color with pink oblong splotches.

The adult size of albino Pacman frogs will match that of the species they belong to too.

The loss of melanin that gives these frogs their red eyes is also known to cause problems with their depth perception and makes them more sensitive to strong light. It has also been shown that albino amphibians are more difficult to feed because of their poor eyesight.

Albino Pacmans make good pets for the same reason as any other Pacman morph. They are cute, cheap and come in striking colors. The only difference between this and any other morph is their increase care needs. If you enjoy their yellowish orange and screaming red eyes then this is the morph for you.

5. Strawberry Pacman Frog

Strawberry Pacmans are a selectively bred Pacman frog morph that is from the subspecies Cranwell.

The information on how to breed strawberry Pacmans is a deeply kept secret. However, this morph does have red eyes similar to an albino. This suggests that at least one of the parents of this morph is an albino.

Strawberry morphs are similar to wild type Cranwell’s horned frogs. This particular morph does not change the adult size, so you can expect males to reach around two inches and females to grow to approximately five inches. They also share the same horn crests.

The base color for this species is what makes them different. They can range from tannish pink to bright orange. The unique markings on these frogs are made of pinkish white oblong abstract rings. The center of each ring is then filled with a deep strawberry red color.

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Strawberry Pacman frogs are easily one of the most strikingly colored morphs. Luckily this does not mean they are much more expensive than a wild type. The price for this morph normally falls between $35 and $50. Given that the price range is not much higher, the decision to buy this morph is largely tied to your preference in the color and patterning.

Anyone who is ready to own a Pacman frog is equally equipped to own a Strawberry morph.

6. Blue Pacman Frog

Blue Cranwell

Blue Pacmans are another selectively bred Pacman frog morph that is from the subspecies Cranwell.

Newly purchased juveniles will have a rich blue color that looks like aqua blue. This strong blue color comes from a strict diet they are fed as juveniles. The food fed to these frogs has blue-green algae mixed in that causes these frogs to have a dramatic blue color. It is similar to how flamingos get their pink coloration from eating brine shrimp.

This special algae-based diet can be physically taxing on a frog’s internal organs and health. It is not recommended you try to replicate this diet at home.

Once blue Pacman frogs are no longer fed this special diet their deep blue color begins to fade to a mint green. Adults of this morph often have very little blue. Their base color is much more of a mint green.

The mint green of adult blue Pacman frogs is an interesting splash of variety compared to the other Pacman frog colors, even if the dramatic blue of juveniles fades in adulthood!

If you enjoy the mint green of these frogs then this is the morph for you, especially when you consider they still make very affordable pet frogs at just $40 to $70.

7. Purple Pacman Frog

Purple Pacman frogs are a color morph selectively bred from the wild-type Cranwell species.

Translucent Pacman frogs are sometimes sold as Purples, but these are not the same morph.

Only juvenile purple Pacman frogs are actually purple. After metamorphosis froglets will have a dull greyish purple base color. As these frogs continue to age the purple begins to fade to a milky brown color.

Their markings are always brown as opposed to the various shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red found on wild type Pacmans.

These are some of the most expensive Pacman frog morphs on the market, with some individuals listed at over $400. They can also be extremely difficult to find. With such a high price, and little known about them, it is hard to justify recommending one to beginners.

8. Yellow Pacman Frog

Yellow Pacman

Yellow is one of the most famous Pacman frog morphs!

This particular morph is named after two classic video characters. The first being Pacman, because of their large mouths, and the other is Pikachu from Pokémon.

The connection to Pikachu is very obvious when looking at the color of these frogs. The base color of this morph is a vibrant yellow with bright red markings along their back and sides. These colors mimic those of Pikachu who also has this bright yellow color and two red spots on its cheeks. Because of this they are also called the Pikachu Pacman frog!

Pikachu morphs also have the characteristic red eyes of albino species. Unfortunately their red eyes also mean they have poor depth perception and cannot tolerate bright lights.

Yellow Pacman frogs are a little harder to find when compared to other fancy colors like Strawberry. It is very unlikely you will find any in pet stores and you will likely have to look for private breeders. When you do find a Pikachu Pacman frog they are typically sold at a higher price than other morphs at between $70 to $100.

If you are a fan of Pokémon, or just enjoy the colors of Pikachu, then this is the morph for you.

9. Brown Pacman Frog

Brown Pacman Frog

Brown Pacman frogs can be one of two species.

Cranwell’s horned frog is the first species that can occur as a brown morph.

The other is a hybrid between the brown Cranwell’s horned frog and the Amazon horned frog. These two species are both a subspecies of the Pacman family. The result is a brown frog that is sometimes called a Fantasy frog or Chocolate Mint Pacman.

After metamorphosis all brown Pacman frogs have a light red base color that shifts to a light brown. Their color is similar to coffee mixed with cream. This is true for both fantasy frogs and brown Cranwell species.

The size and shape of a brown Pacman’s markings is different depending upon if they are a Fantasy or Cranwell. Fantasy frogs have intricate irregular lines and shapes across their backs.

These frogs are very unique, but do not have the flashy colors shown by most Pacman frog morphs. Some keepers say that the appeal of a Pacman frog is in their bright colors and elaborate patterns. However, if you would like to stand out from the rest then a brown Pacman frog is a good choice. Their price is very reasonable at between $30 to $50. Fantasy morphs might be closer to $50 and Cranwell morphs closer to $30.

Fantasy pacman frog

10. Translucent

Translucent Pacman frogs are one of the rarest Pacman morphs. Their appearance is highly variable and they are very hard to identify. This means that that amount of translucent skin is different from frog to frog and no individual will share the same pattern.

These frogs will always have some part of their back or belly that is a translucent pinkish color. The rest of their color and pattern is totally random and different from individual to individual. Random patches of colors and shapes all can appear of different sizes.

Some individuals have skin that is so translucent you can even see their internal organs, just like you can see the organs of some Chimera Axolotls.

Translucent Pacmans are caused by a mutation that seems to be very rare and non-heritable. This means that breeding translucent adults may not necessarily result in translucent offspring. The low likelihood of breeding a frog with this pattern results in them being very expensive. Some individuals are as much as purple Pacman frogs at $400.

If you are willing to spend $400 for a very rare Pacman then this is the morph for you.


Fantasy frog hybrid

Pacman frogs are a stunning group of amphibians that make wonderful pets. They are naturally colorful and come in shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown.

No matter what your favorite color is there is bound to be a pacman frog morph that suits your tastes.

Selective breeding of these frogs has resulted in a wide array of colors and markings. Some of the most popular morphs include green, yellow, brown, purple and even translucent.

There are also several varieties of horns to choose from. There are the small and dull horns of the Ornate or the long and sharp horns of the Surinam horned frog.

Regardless of which morph you choose, these cute round frogs make wonderful pets.

Let us know your favorite pacman frog color in the comments.

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