Pet Turtles That Stay Small

Top 5 Small Pet Turtles That Stay Small

Turtles are extremely popular pets for a number of reasons. Many species have simple care needs, fun personalities and vibrant colors. Some are even smaller than 5 inches and are well suited to aquariums. Many …

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Crested Gecko Morphs

Crested Gecko Morphs, Colors, Traits & Patterns

Crested geckos have been bred over generations to have specific color and pattern morphs. These variations are caused by genetic mutations that control colors, traits and patterns. Standard crested geckos are normally tan, olive, orange …

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Blue Snakes

15 Types of Blue Snakes With Pictures

When you think of snakes, you probably don’t think of an entirely teal pit viper! You may be surprised to learn that blue snakes are real. These snakes are some of the rarest and most …

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Axolotl Facts

33 Weird & Mind-Blowing Axolotl Facts

The Axolotl is known as the Mexican Walking Fish, but did you know that it is not a fish?! Axolotls are actually a type of aquatic salamander. What makes these animals so interesting is that …

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