Cute Snakes: 30 Adorable Species To Brighten Your Day

Snakes can be cute pets and there are many species that are adorable.

Whether it is their cute appearance or their friendly personalities, many people love snakes.

Snakes can have upturned noses, large eyes and beautiful colors. Many also have adorable habits such as curling up in balls or burying themselves in sand!

All snakes are unique and have their own reasons for being cute to us. If you want to learn about 30 of the cutest snake species then continue reading to brighten your day.

30 Cute Snakes

30. Dione’s Rat Snake

Dione’s Rat Snake

The Dione’s Rat Snake has large eyes and pupils guaranteed to melt your heart. The way its mouth curves upward gives it an almost curious and hopeful look that many find lovable.

This curiosity is not just unique to their appearance.

Dione’s Rat Snakes are naturally curious creatures and are normally very calm.

Though many rat snakes can be found in the United States and in the homes of many pet owners, Dione’s Rat Snakes are found in the wilderness of Central Asia, the Middle East, parts of China, Korea and parts of Russia.

29. Carpet Python

Carpet Python

Carpet Pythons have an interesting pattern of scales right under their noses. This almost makes them look like they have mustaches!

They widely vary in color, though most are a yellow or olive green color with dark-edged cross bands.

Carpet Pythons can be found in the homes of many snake enthusiasts. Some find their feisty personalities to be very endearing.

28. Barbados Threadsnake

Barbados Threadsnake

What makes this snake so cute is its size!

They have been described to be “as wide as a spaghetti noodle”.

Barbados Threadsnakes are barely large enough to cover the surface of a quarter. You can easily fit one on the tip of your finger. In fact, it is the smallest species of snake in the world!

The largest Barbados Threadsnake ever found was only about four inches long.

It was recognized as a new species in 2008 and was found on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

27. Palmetto Corn Snake

Palmetto Corn Snake

Corn snakes are a very cute snake species that are known for their docile personalities, especially morphs.

However, this specific morph is adorable for its pattern.

Palmetto Corn Snakes are all white except for their rosey-pink colored scales. These scales make them look spotted with cherry blossoms! This pretty pattern is paired with a set of bright silver eyes.

This morph is not found in the wild, but it warms the hearts of keepers lucky enough to own one.

26. Brahminy Blind Snake

Brahminy Blind Snake

The Brahminy Blind Snake is adorable for its tiny size, just like the Barbados Threadsnake above.

Brahminy Blind Snakes look like little worms as they usually measure two to four inches long. On rare occasions they can reach six inches.

Where their head starts and body begins is not very clear, but its small eyes make it quite the cute noodle.

25. Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snake

The Ringneck Snake is named for its pretty pattern.

Most of the snake is gray, but its belly is a blend of fiery orange, yellow and red. Its most prominent feature is the colored ring around its neck.

While many pets such as dogs wear collars, this snake has its own “collar”!

Ringneck species are much smaller than most pet snakes. They grow between 10 and 15 inches in length and can fit in the palm of your hand!

24. Anthill Python

Anthill Python

The Anthill Python is also known as the Pygmy Python because of its small size.

What makes them so cute is their tiny size. Anthill Pythons only grow to about 1.5 feet in length and many are only the width of your thumb. They can easily fit in the palm of your hand!

Anthill Pythons have all the curiosity of a larger python in a smaller package.

They are native to western Australia and despite their name are actually found near termite mounds in the wild.

23. Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa

Rosy Boas are snake enthusiasts’ favorites for many reasons.

They have a docile personality that makes them great pets.

They tolerate handling and eat readily so they are a hardy species.

Finally, people love them for their adorable rosy color.

Rosy Boas are often off-white with three rosy brown stripes down the back. This coloring paired with their black eyes makes a cute combination.

22. California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake

There are two things that make the California Kingsnake such a beautiful snake.

One such feature is their large eyes. Their dark, glossy eyes give them a cute look that many kingsnake lovers find adorable.

Secondly, they are good natured and make for a great beginner snake.

They are one of the most popular pet snake species in the United States.

21. Red Milk Snake

Red Milk Snake

The Red Milk Snake is found throughout the midwestern United States.

What makes them so beautiful to many people is their pattern.

Red Milk Snakes are tan with red saddle-like patches. These patches are lined with a ring of black. What is fascinating about this pattern is its close resemblance to coral snakes, which is are a dangerous snake species.

The Red Milk Snake is not venomous and they are rather shy and secretive in nature.

20. High Yellow-Green Tree Python

High Yellow-Green Tree Python

Green Tree Pythons are lovable for many different reasons, but they cannot be kept as a pet!

Their appearance alone helps them onto this list of cute snakes.

Most Green Tree Pythons are solid green in color, but the high yellow-green morph has a solid yellow color with speckles of green.

Tree Pythons are also known for curling up on a tree branch and tucking their head in the middle of their coil. This means that they can be seen coiled around a tree with their head placed perfectly in the center.

19. Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

The Brazilian Rainbow Boa has the most unique feature out of all the cute snakes on this list.

When looking at this creature under normal light, it looks to be orange with dark purple-blue rings.

However, with the right lighting, you will see that this snake has a rainbow glow! The skin on the Brazilian Rainbow Boa is iridescent, which gives this colorful snake a gorgeous rainbow hue.

18. Emerald Green Pit Viper

Emerald Green Pit Viper

The Emerald Green Pit Viper is known for its natural bright green color.

In contrast to this vivid green color are their red-speckled eyes which give them a pop!

What makes this snake so sweet is the size of its head in comparison to the rest of its body. The Emerald Green Pit Viper’s head is much wider than the width of its body. This makes the head look much bigger than it is.

Emerald Green Pit Vipers are found in southeastern Asia and are not kept as pets.

17. San Francisco Garter Snake

San Francisco Garter Snake

Garter snakes are very common to the United States and can even be found in your backyard!

This snake has very large eyes that contribute to their lovable and harmless appearance. They come in a variety of colors from brown to yellow to red and are very common pets.

16. Blue Malayan Coral Snake

Blue Malayan Coral Snake

The Blue Malayan Coral Snake is another snake that is cute for its beautiful color patterns.

Like many coral snakes this species is venomous and occasionally does bite humans. Because of this the beautiful colors of this snake are best admired from afar.

Blue Malayan Corals often have black backs, blue stripes down their sides, and bright red heads, tails and bellies.

15. Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa

The Emerald Tree Boa has a pretty bright green body that helps it to blend into the rainforests of South America. Like many tree snake species it likes to curl around branches and tuck its head into the middle.

Emerald Tree Boas are cute for their facial scales that give them a mustache!

Animals with little facial features such as a mustache are lovable. The way they can tuck their heads into the rest of their body is something that many people also find endearing.

14. Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake

The Rough Green Snake looks like a small, bright green noodle.

What makes this snake so loveable is its grin. The curve of its jaw gives it a permanent happy face that is on full display when it opens its mouth. They often look like they are flashing a grin!

Rough Green Snakes are small enough to curl up in your hand and can be found throughout North America.

13. Smooth Green Snake

Smooth Green Snake

The Smooth Green Snake is another small green noodle!

Smooth Green Snakes can curl up and fit in the palm of your hand with a soft yellow underbelly.

One main difference between rough and smooth green snakes is that the head of a Smooth Green Snake is smaller, making their eyes look much bigger!

A Smooth Green Snake’s jaw is also curled upwards, allowing them to have that smiley appearance. When they look up, it almost looks like an expression of curiosity that many people find lovable.

12. Scaleless Corn Snake

Scaleless Corn Snake

Scaleless corn snakes are docile and hardy which makes them a great beginner snake.

What makes the scaleless corn snake cute is their lack of scales.

This morph does not have any scales, but they still keep most of their pink color and striped pattern.

Scaleless Corn Snakes are much rarer and harder to find than any other morph, but they are considerably more adorable due to their lack of scales.

11. Banana Ball Python

Banana Ball Python

Nothing is cuter than calling a ball python morph “banana colored”!

Banana ball pythons are adorable for their banana-yellow color and small black spots. They are a very popular morph.

Ball pythons are also loved for the adorable way they curl up into a ball when they feel scared. They receive their name from the ball they curl into to protect themselves.

10. Bumblebee Ball Python

Bumblebee Ball Python

Even cuter than comparing a ball python to a banana is comparing it to a small, fuzzy bumblebee. That is exactly where the name of the Bumblebee Ball Python morph came from!

Bumblebee Ball Pythons have a cute black and white pattern that looks like a bumblebee.

They are mainly a yellow color with thin black bands on their backs.

9. Eyelash Viper

Eyelash Viper

What makes the Eyelash Viper so sweet is the little eyelash-like features above their eyes.

Their pupils have vertical slits that when combined with these “eyelashes” give them a permanently surprised face. When they open their mouths, they almost look like they are in shock!

Eyelash Vipers are not a pet species, but their adorable features can be admired from afar. They are often found up among the higher tree branches.

8. Asian Vine Snake

Asian Vine Snake

The Asian Vine Snake is also not a pet species, but their photo can still put a smile on anyone’s face!

Asian Vines are a very small species of viper and their most prominent feature is their sideways pupils.

When they open their mouths they look like Kermit the Frog and appear to always be laughing!

7. Variable Bush Viper

Variable Bush Viper

Bush Vipers are known for looking like little dragons.

Variable Bush Vipers are no exception. They have small, spiky scales and large round eyes with vertically slitted pupils.

So what makes this a cute snake?

Most Variable Bush Vipers are no longer than two feet long so they look both small and menacing at the same time! Many people find this feature very adorable.

6. Hairy Bush Viper

Hairy Bush Viper

The Hairy Bush Viper is also known for its little, dragon-like appearance. However, it looks much “hairier” than other bush vipers as it has more spiky scales around its head.

Hairy Bush Vipers have large eyes with narrow, vertical pupils. This makes them look very sweet.

It is adorable that something so small can also look so scary!

5. Dwarf Adder

Dwarf Adder
Their small appearance and adorable burrowing behavior gives this snake fifth place!

The Dwarf Adder is a venomous snake native to the region between Namibia and South Africa.

While they are dangerous and venomous, these cute snakes are possibly the world’s smallest viper! They grow no more than 11 inches long.

Many people love how such a small snake can produce so much venom!

Dwarf Adders also like to cover themselves in sand, so their eyes are adorably towards the top of their heads, which they use when occasionally poking out their heads to take a peek at the world.

4. Usambara Horned Viper

Usambara Horned Viper

The Usambara Horned Viper is a snake found in some mountain ranges in Tanzania.

Its adorable “horns” are the cutest feature of this snake and also what gave it its name.

Each viper comes with a set of three to five horn-like scales above each eye, giving this small snake a menacing, yet lovable, look.

3. Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Vipers are one of the largest vipers in the world and have the longest fangs of any venomous snake.

So why is this snake cute?

The Gaboon Viper has a flat, nearly heart-shaped head that makes it very unique. It is also known for having two small “horns” right above its nostrils, almost like a rhinoceros!

Its unique heart-shaped head and cute horns are what lands the Gaboon Viper in the number three spot.

2. Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand Boas are adorable for two main reasons.

The first is their lovable appearance!

The second is their burrowing behavior.

Sand Boas are commonly known for burying themselves in sand whenever they get the chance. This behavior is sweet to many who keep them as pets!

Their calm behavior is what helps them outrank the Dwarf Adder and is why they rank second.

1. Western Hognose

Western Hognose

It does not take much explanation to describe why the Western Hognose is a cute snake.

Many argue that it is even the cutest snake in the world.

Western Hognoses have sweet eyes that take up a large portion of their faces. However, their most prominent feature is their cutest. People love the hognose snake for its upturned nose!

They are very popular pets for their lovable appearance and personality.


Snakes are often not shown to be as cute as many other pets, but they have many features that make them beautiful!

From their bright colors, unique patterns and cute faces to their calm, curious and friendly personalities many species are kept in homes.

Snakes that are not suitable as pets can also be cute as they have adorable appearances.

Did you find a cute snake in our list? Is there one you want as a pet? Let us know!

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