Lizard Names Social

Top 1,000+ Best Lizard Names

Looking for a rocking reptile name for your pet lizard? Your lizard is important to you and finding the perfect name for it is just as important to us! The best lizard names are ones …

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Amphibian vs. Reptile Differences

Amphibian vs. Reptile: All 7 Differences Explained

There are almost 19,000 different species of amphibians and reptiles. From snakes to lizards and frogs to salamanders these animals are famous all around the world. However, there are many differences between amphibians and reptiles. …

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Most Venomous Snakes

Top 13 Most Venomous Snakes In The World

Snakes are some of the most venomous animals in the world. Venomous snakes evolved about 28 million years ago to release toxins through their fangs. There are over 3,400 snake species, but it is estimated …

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Pet Lizard

Top 15 Easiest Pet Lizards For Beginners

Lizards make some of the most interesting pets. They are loved for their beautiful colors as well as their unique personalities. There are approximately 6,500 different lizard species. They range from the tiny Nano-chameleon to …

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Pet Snakes Social

Top 15 Easiest Pet Snakes For Beginners

Snakes are becoming more popular as pets with each passing year. The demand for these scaly reptiles has resulted in hundreds of pet snake species. With so many species, it can be hard for new …

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